Don’t pay google another penny, bring your email to the backend of your website.

Accessing your websites email account has never been convenient or intuitive. Usually it involves some marginally designed web-mail program from your hosting service i.e. squirrel mail — which makes it difficult, unpleasant or tedious to keep up directly with your email account — until now.

text_3Thanks to the genius designers at rainloop it’s now pretty smart to install a system on your own server to access email in a convenient way – forget paying google.

We’ve personally used the rainloop system in our own back-end using rainloop (branded with our logo), code snippets and a iframe link to access our own email once loggging into our own website. Not only is it convenient to see our messages, it also helps us to use our website more functionally and gives our system so much more cohesion.

Webmail makes so much more sense now. Reach out to the RCA team if you have questions about our rainloop set up.